cafe Utopia.

A place to be found. And the Utopia cafe is the perfect place if you want to experience peace and quiet in the middle of the city center while drinking your coffee. This is the place if you want to hear the birds sing. From Nørregade towards the heart of Pisserenden (Larsbjørnsstræde neighborhood) the quiet half of Sankt Peders Stræde. Just before you hit the heart (the intersection of Larsbjørnsstræde-Teglgårdsstræde / Sankt Peders Stræde), cafe Utopia is located. The address is Adressen er Sankt Peders Stræde 29. st. tv

As you sit outside Utopia, you see on the other side of the street a large chestnut tree growing up toward the sky. Behind the green-painted fence lies a garden belonging to a student dormitory, the oldest in Denmark. Once (until 1588) the place was a monastery for monks. More chestnut and fruit trees grow in the garden. Here live the birds you hear whistling. Cafe Utopia is small with room for a few guests - and therefore it is very quiet and peaceful. The place is like a real oasis, a haven for those who want to distance themselves from the flow of cars and people. Some evenings there are lectures and other events. Welcome to Utopia. Also called Sankt Peders Cafe.